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What carrier(s) will we use?

We will ship everything Priority Mail through USPS, we don’t want you to have to wait a week or longer to receive your merchandise.

How much is shipping?

When it comes to online shopping, very few things are more frustrating than exorbitant shipping charges, especially when you are buying only one product.  We have tried to make this as simple as possible, a $4.00 flat rate shipping charge regardless of how much you purchase and regardless of where it is being shipped to in the United States.  If you purchase one item, the shipping charge will be $4.00, if you purchase 10 items, the shipping charge will be $4.00.

When do we ship?

If you place your order Monday-Friday, your product will be packaged that day for shipping and will ship the following business day, again, Priority Mail.  If you place your order Saturday-Sunday, the package will be shipped on the following Monday unless it is a holiday, in that case it will be Tuesday.  


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